Best mattress for babies

One of the mattresses which are formed of foam is best and really affordable option for many parents. They are of lightweight and are very comfortable for babies too. Another option is the organic crib mattress which is safest for all because they are made of 100% organic material. It is totally dependent on the choice of parents, what kind of baby mattress they would like to opt for. The main thing to consider is the safety of a child. Reliable information should be read first on, and then the decision should be made to shop mattress.

How to choose a quality of crib mattress

The mattress should be the foam mattress and should be firm and heavy in weight. Moreover, you must take the manufacture’s reputation into consideration. You must also make a proper deal in federal rules to assure your purchase. This is because you will never know about the quality of mattress they are actually giving you. Most of them offer you the mattress used for adults, but for the babies, different mattresses are used. Always try to find the baby mattress with 130 to 150 coils, because it is considered to be safe and standard for baby.

Breathing holes are the must

A mattress from stitch and cradle is always made keeping the baby in comfort zone. They use high-density form so that baby can breathe easily because there are pores available in a mattress. This is done to avoid any kind of sagging.


Through above discussion, we can easily say that we have to take care of various factors while buying the crib mattress. In final words, I will say that only buy the mattress which is perfect for your baby and of high quality and brand.

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